Litter Due January 22nd 2017

Deposits for this litter are now being accepted.

Author: Shiela

I have loved dogs from a very young age. I grew up in a rule town in Central California near the San Joaquin Valley it was a beautiful place to be a kid. We always had several dogs, and there were lots of dogs just running lose all over. I remember our school had a pen in the yard next to one of the classes for stray dogs found on the school property. One morning as I got to school, I saw a small dog that had been there overnight, I felt so bad for him, so I snuck him out of the pen and back home I went! I told my parents I was sick and hid the dog in my room. We had a great day until my dad saw him! He was not the last puppy I saved from that pen. Over the years I have rescued at least 20 dogs that were no longer wanted, I either kept them or found wonderful homes for them. At age 20 I bought my first German Shepards and started breeding! I raised them for about 25 years, and when my last girl passed I decided to not breed for a few years. I then stumbled on and fell in love with the English Cream Golden Retrievers from Europe! I researched the breed and sot after the best breeders in Europe, and the rest is history! I absolutely love these dogs.

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